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13th Assembly of Compendium Experts in Brussels

13th Assembly of Compendium Experts in Brussels

13th Assembly of Compendium Experts in Brussels

The Assembly has been held on 4-5 December at the Académie Royale de Belgique in Brussels in the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

As was the case during the last Assembly (Vienna 2013), the Brussels event (see Agenda) aimed at contributing to the follow-up to the Ministerial Conference on Culture (Moscow, April 2013) and also examined latest project developments and possible improvements of the information and monitoring system. The Assembly and Public Forum attracted ca. 90 cultural specialists from all parts of Europe and Asia.

The subjects for discussion included the Compendium’s role as a key tool for follow-up activities on culture and democracy, including presentations of new thematic spaces, a case study on digitisation in libraries (Vincent Bonnet/EBLIDA) as well as a look at the Compendium as an international source of policy concepts (Yashar Huseynli).

Participants, including from the CoE Culture Committee (CDCPP), were introduced tonew empirical tools, including the work carried out in 2014 on the Council of Europe draft indicator framework on culture and democracy (Michael Hoelscher) as well as to recent indicator works by the Boekman Foundation (Lisa van Woersem), the European Cultural Foundation (Tsveta Andreeva) and Compendium expert Michael Söndermann.

In the framework of the Council of Europe ‘s CultureWatchEurope initiative a Public Forum on “Culture and Democracy” has been held for cultural policy-makers, researchers and practitioners on 5 December, with case studies from Asia (Preeti Goankar), research reports from Belgium (Laurie Hanquinet / Alexander Van Der Stichele) and experts’ position from Finland (Kimmo Aulake), the Council of Europe (Ulrich Bunjes) and the European Union (Alain Ruche, EEAS).
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