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“Library as a modern agora – create dialogue in the community”

lib_agora_header2Information Society Development Foundation and the City of Warsaw along with its partner organizations in the EaP countries:

  • Centre for Cultural Management in Lviv,
  • Ars Dor/Center of Art and Professional Development in Kisiniev,
  • Novateca Moldova Program,
  • Centre of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi,
  • Kutaisi Scientific Library

is pleased to announce the recruitment for the program “Library as a modern agora”.The program is dedicated to the cultural managers from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, who distinguish themselves by creativity, self-dependence and hitherto activity.

The program consists of the intensive training of cultural manager skills, workshops on the selected useful subjects as well as study visits & encounters with the representatives of leading cultural institutions in Warsaw. The training will be concentrated on the vertical issues of utmost importance for every modern leader: facilitation, advocacy and local partnerships.

The program “Library as a modern agora – create dialogue in the community” is dedicated to cultural managers from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and groups of librarians from these countries.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the leadership skills of representatives of the cultural sector in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, mainly in the areas of management, co-operation with the local community, recognition and coalition abilities. The project takes the form of an educational series, which consists of workshops, webinars and other forms of online work, supplemented by a study visit, during which we will present experiences and best practices of Warsaw institutions in the field of education and culture. After completion of the workshop, the participants of our project will be able to test the newly acquired skills – to play the role of trainers for a group of librarians. With the support of their teachers they will prepare the training scenarios for librarians, tailored to the realities of their country.

Georgian, Moldovan and Ukrainian librarians will attend those workshops on advocacy, partnerships building and facilitation. The last part of the project will be a librarians study visit during which they will get acquainted with the most interesting examples of the activities of their Polish colleagues.

“Library as a modern agora – create dialogue in the community” project is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation with the financial & organizational support of the Culture Department of the City of Warsaw. FRSI received also a grant from the program “RITA – Region in Transition”, organized by the Foundation for Education for Democracy.

Duration of the project: August 2014 – March 2015.


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