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Eastern Partnership Culture Programme launches a series of Culture Policy Exchange Workshops to promote policy reforms in the Partner Countries

Eastern Partnership Culture Programme launches a series of Culture Policy Exchange Workshops to promote policy reforms in the Partner CountriesBetween 17-20 April 2013 the Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU) of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme will hold its 1st Culture Policy Exchange Workshop in Chisinau, Moldova for culture professionals from the six EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). The workshop aims at the elaboration and the assessment of culture strategies and policies that shall motivate culture policy reforms and the identification of common strategic interests in the field of culture of the six EaP countries.

During 2013 and 2014 the RMCBU organises two cycles of Culture Policy Exchange Workshops. The Workshop Cycle 2013 is dedicated to strategic thinking and the elaboration and the assessment of policies and strategies. The three workshops of the cycle will be held: from 17-20 April in Chisinau, Moldova, in July 2013 in Gori, Georgia and in October/November 2013 in a venue to be confirmed in Ukraine.

Trainers from the EU and trainers and participants from the six EaP countries will share expertise and best practices while working on policy reform projects. The participants of the workshop represent national and local authorities, public cultural institutions, civil society organisations, cultural industries and individual actors from different sectors of culture.

The Workshop Cycle 2014 will focus on the implementation of strategies and policies and will be held in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

Media representatives are invited to the Open Session of the Workshop that will take place on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 from 09:30 till 14:00 in Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center (77 Mitropolit Varlaam str., Chisinau, Moldova). The Open Session entitled “Strategies for Culture and the Approach of Moldova” will discuss strategies for the development of the culture sector in the context of the process undergone by the Republic of Moldova in recent years and will present the actual status of the country strategy development for the cultural sector.

Mr. Boris Focşa, Minister of Culture of Moldova and Mr. Kaido Sirel, Head of Operations, Delegation of the European Union to Moldova, will welcome the participants of the Open Session.

The speakers of the Open Session are: Mr. Luciano Gloor and Ms. Tetiana Biletska, RMCBU, Eastern Partnership Culture Programme; Ms. Lidia Varbanova, PhD, John Molson School of Business, David O’Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Concordia University, Montreal; Ms. Nancy Duxbury, PhD, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal; Ms. Angela Spinei, PhD, Strategic Planning Adviser, Government of Moldova, Ministry of Culture; Ms. Victoria Tcacenco, PhD, Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Moldova.

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