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For the first time the Robert Bosch Stiftung, together with the International Theatre Institute Berlin, announces the grant program Change of Scene for the support of international co-operations in the performing arts between theaters in the German-speaking region and partners from Eastern Europe or North Africa.

Change of Scene promotes the intercultural exchange of theaters. They shall be encouraged to become stimulated, and take up current discourses and social changes in the countries of Eastern Europe and North Africa. Many artists confront present-day social and political imbalances, and allow their considerations regarding new theatrical forms, plays, and productions to flow in. New tendencies are not only referred to thematically but also spatially. These developments, however, are barely present in the German-speaking region, and this is often attributed to the lack of contacts, the existing language barriers and the missing or poor-quality translations.

A grant application can be submitted by theaters and Independent theater groups from the areas of drama, dance, music theater, puppet theater, and performance in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). The theaters respectively the artists from Eastern Europe or North Africa are integrated into the project as cooperation partners. The focus of the grant program is the direct collaborative work of both partners. An existing cooperation can be expanded upon or a new cooperation initiated. Partners should meet on an equal footing, and develop new realms of experience together. The participation of qualified translators is welcome. In the German-speaking region, the funded projects should ultimately be presented publicly, the presentation in the partner country is highly desirable. Ten to twelve international co-operations will receive up to 15,000 euros of funding. An independent jury decides which of the submitted projects are granted funding.

The deadline for submitting grant applications online, in German, is February 15, 2013.

Further information

Call for Application (PDF)

Cooperation partners Eastern Europe and North Africa (PDF)

Funding Guidelines (PDF)


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